Engineering, Material procurement, Fabrication, welding & Post Weld Head Treatment (PWHT) for complete unit,testing executed in accodance with ASME ‘U’ code stamp,  Internal painting, Civil foundation, Transportation to site, Erection on foundation including Installation of associated piping, Electrical/Instrumentation  works    carried out by In-House experienced team in accordance with Qatar Petroleum requirements.

Project Title : EPIC for Installation of 20” Wet Gas Pipeline Between KS & KM
Client : Qatar Petroleum
Contract No. : GC 12107100
Status : Ongoing
Project Scope : 2 Nos. of Slug Catcher with “U” code stamp Vessel
Material : Carbon Steel with Impact Testing,
PWHT : Full Furness
Dimension : 13 Mtr X 4.5 Mtr dia X 40mm Thickness, 110 Ton Weight
10 Mtr X 4.5 Mtr dia X 40mm Thickness, 85 Ton Weight.

Made in Qatar with ASME 'U' code stamp