Full furnace Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT) Facilities are available to carry out the heat treatment for whole vessel in single cycle as per ASME code requirements by using latest technologies with Electrical Induction method (Electrical Resistant coil with ceramic tools)

The furnace are available to accommodate different sizes of the vessels with de-attachable type panel.

Furnace size
Length : 10Mtr.
Width : 3Mtr.
Height : 3Mtr.
Weight : 20Tons
Furnace Capacity(Maximum)
Length : 9Mtr.
Width : 2.6Mtr.
Height : 2.6Mtr.
Weight : 15Tons(Max.)

Temperature Parameters
Heating Rate : 200 C/hr to 1000C/hr
Cooling Rate : 200 C/hr to 1000C/hr
Soaking Temp. : Up to 750 deg.C
Temperature Recoding
Recorder Type : Micro-Jet Chart Self-Recorder
Chart Speed : 5 to 1500 mm/hr (can be setting 1 mm/hr steps)
Thermo-couple Nos. : 12 (Orange, Green, Purple, Red, Black, Blue)