EPIC of 40 meters height Flare package including the Tips supply from approved vendor, Fabrication, Installation of flare stack which includes Civil, Mechanical, Piping/Headers, Electrical, Instrumentation works carried out by In-House experienced team in accordance with Qatar Petroleum requirements.

Project Title : Engineering, Procurement, Installation and Commissioning of an Independent Flare for QJA-1 & 2 and Replacement of Separators at Dukhan Field
Client : Qatar Petroleum
Contract No. : GTC 189/ED/03
Year of Completion : 2006
Project Scope : 40 meter height flare system.

Project Title : Demolition of NGL 1 & 2 Flare System And Old NGL-3 Flare Stack
Client : Qatar Petroleum
Contract No. : GTC 05/229/ED VTC # 2
Year of Completion : 2007
Project Scope : Demolition of 4 Nos. flare system.