EPIC of Fiscal metering system for Propane, Butane, Condensate and RAG/SAG export lines at NGL plant, Ummbab and Arab-D plant to facilitate the export business.

the scope covers

  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Civil works
  • Installation, Testing of Fiscal metering skid with Prover and associated equipments
  • Installation, Testing of associated piping works
  • Loss prevention such as Installation and commissioning of F & G equipments
  • Tie-ins the new facilities to the existing facilities
  • E & I works such as DCS, PLC ,SCADA and Fiscal Metering system. etc…
  • Pre-commissioning and Commissioning of Fiscal Metering system

Project Title : EPIC for Feed Stream Integration and Installation of Fiscal Metering System at Mesaieed
Client : Qatar Petroleum
Contract No. : GC12113600
Status : Ongoing
Project Scope : Fiscal Metering System 3 Nos.
Condensate Metering Skid 21.5Mtr Length X 6Mtr. Width
Propane, Butane Metering Skids – 33.216Mtr Length X 8Mtr.Width

Project Title : Award of Work Change Request No.5 EPIC of Fiscal Meters with Meter Proving Facilities at Umm Bab and Arab D Plant
Client : Qatar Petroleum
Contract No. : GTC 06/107/ED (GC06010700)
Year of Completion : 2009
Project Scope : Fiscal Metering System 2 Nos