PANORAMA represents following international companies in the State of Qatar.

Offer a full suite of pipeline integrity related services for the oil and gas sector, from conventional cleaning, pre-inspection cleaning, enhanced and progressive cleaning for the more afflicted pipelines, gauging runs, caliper tools to high resolution pipeline inspection services using innovative “intelligent pigging” tools according international standards API 1163, POF, ANSI ILI,

These tools and services identify metal loss, internal and external corrosion, mechanical deformations and many other pipeline related features without interrupting the pipeline flow process

In 1958 Harry Girard, a manufacturer of polyurethane protective enclosures for delicate technical instruments at the time provided a California oil company with polyurethane foam cylinders for removing moisture and debris in natural gas pipelines.

Although these foam cylinders cleaned the pipeline, their effective life was relatively short. Mr. Girard began the process of developing a variety of patented coatings and geometrical shapes to extend the life of these foam cylinders. Thus was the birth of a product now recognized throughout the world pipeline industry as the “Polly-Pig”.