Panorama has wide range of, not limited to, the following, Mechanical, Electrical & Civil Equipment, readily available at workshop to execute the project in time

Plate Cutting Machine VIMEX (INDIA) Thickness Max. – 20 mm & Width Max. – 3000 mm
Plate Bending Machine VIMEX (INDIA) Thickness Max. – 25 mm & Width Max. – 3000 mm
Rolling Machine VIMEX (INDIA) Thickness Max. – 10 mm to 60 mm & Width Max. – 3000 mm
Rolling Machine VIMEX (INDIA) Thickness Max. – 3 mm to 16 mm & Width Max. – 2000 mm
Pipe/Angle/Beam Cutting TRENNJAEGER Max. 200 mm × 200 mm & Thickness 20 mm
Rotary Drilling Machine WMF MAFGE BURG Max. 60 mm Dia &                     Thickness – 100 mm
Hack saw BEHRINGER Max. 6” Solid Base
Press Brake VIMEX (INDIA) Thickness Max. 12 mm
Cold Cutter WACHS Size 12” to 24” & Thickness Max. – 30 mm
Plasma Cutter ELETRA BECKUM Thickness Max. – 30 mm
Plate Profile Cutter With Rail CE Thickness Max. – 120 mm
Beveling Machine BUG-0 SYSTEM Size 5” to 16”,Thickness 20 mm & Angle Max. 60°
Fabrication Tool & Welding Tool Various Various
Rolling Fixtures/Stand Various Various
Spider Clamps Various Various
External Clamps Various Various
Rolling Templates Various Various
Dished Head Machine Arabian Oasis Sub-Contractor Works
Electro Welding Machines MILLER MALL VI Max. – 300 Amps
Welding Generators SHINDAIWA Duel Max. 600 Amps                Max. – 25 Volts
Welding Machine SAW All Time 600 AMPS × 3000 MM Height
Welding Machine GMAW/ SAW ESAB With Power pack, Wire feeder & Magnetic Flexi Rail
CNC Machine Plasma Cutting, Profile Cutting
Hi Frequency Units Various Various
Gas Cutters NIGP Various Types
Argon Cylinders NIGP Purring Min. 99.997%
Backing Oven QCAL- Calibration Max. 400°C
Holding Oven QCAL- Calibration Max. 250°C
Quivers QCAL- Calibration Max. 100°C
Induction Heating Machine Weld Therm 6 Channel Max. 1100°C
Heating Torch/Burner Various Various
Generators PERKINS, AKSA 500 KVA, 60 KVA
Electric Furnace In House Build 3000 mm Height, 3000 mm Width, 10000 mm Length
Hydro Test Pumps Various Max. 300 Barg
Pressure Gauge Various From 5 Barg to 400 Barg
Pressure Chart Reports BAR TON From 20 Barg to 400 Barg
Manifolds & Other Tools/Blinds Various Various
Air Compressor Various Various
Blasting Ports Air Blast Various
Air les Spray Units VOYET Various
Overhead Crane KONE CRANES Max. 15 Tons
Mobile Crane GROVE CRANE 50 Tons
Mobile Crane KATO CRANE 25 Tons
Mobile Crane NISSAN CRANE 25 Tons
Mobile Crane GROVE CRANE 70 Tons
Mobile Crane MANOTTI CRANE 55 Tons
Fork Lifts Hyster 3 Tons
Lifting Equipment’s/Tools Hyster As Per QP-REG-Q-01-Rev.4
NDT Equipment’s M/s. QIS Sub-Contract Works


Sub-Contract Works