The Company Scope of work & business covers, but not limited to the following in Petrochemical industries

  1. Engineering, Procurement, manufacturing, Installation, testing and Commissioning & Testing of:-
    • Pressure vessels and heat exchangers
    • Pressure piping
    • Manufacturing of power boilers
    • Repair and Alteration of Pressure parts & Equipment
    • Slug Catchers
    • Flare Packages
    • Separators
    • Cross country Pipeline
    • All types of Piping works
    • Storage cylindrical and spherical  tanks and alloy steel tanks
    • Pig Launchers & Receivers
    • Equipments for Cement factories (Silo)
    • Loading arms (Offshore)
    • Waste treatment plants
  2. Specialized welding services of different alloy steel including SMAW, GTAW, SAW etc.
  3. Civil construction works
  4. Electrical work such as but not limited to MCC Panels, Power lighting including street lighting, Cathodic protection and Corrosion monitoring systems, motors & pumps.
  5. Instrumentation work including DCS, PLC, SCADA, Gas analyzers, Flow metering, Flow pressure and levels, Thermocouples,
  6. Loss prevention work, including control panels, system integration, F&G systems, Deluge systems etc.
  7. Valve testing and maintenance & repairs of Gate valves, Ball valves, Global valves, SRV valves, Plug valves, Butterfly valves etc.
  8. Surface preparation and painting services of internal and external surface for onshore and offshore services.
  9. Supply of different types of heavy duty equipments and different categories of laborers, technicians & supervisory staff based on daily and monthly rates.
  10. Supply, Fabrication, Welding, Assembly and Installation of Structural steel, Pipe packs, platforms etc.